Everyone accumulates too many things at certain points in their lives. House clearances offered by us solve this and relieve your anxiety about space and clutter. Whether you have a garden that needs clearing or a relative's house that you simply don't know where to start with. With Action Rubbish Clearance we can action a plan and execute around your schedule. Many people put these jobs off and they never get done, whatever the space, the clutter is left to fester and room/space is surrendered in favour of a peaceful life.

Our team of experienced and friendly staff will collect your waste and clear whatever you wish. We make the area clean and tidy to the utmost tee, to give you your space back.

Catering for all shapes and sizes

Whatever the size of your home, we can allocate staff or staff members to deal with your house clearance in Bournemouth. The clearances we often encounter include;

  • Junk removal, general rubbish and materials
  • Old furniture, beds, electrical items and white goods.
  • Personal items such as beds, dressers, wardrobes and bric-a-brac.
  • Heavy pieces, such as pianos or built in wardrobes.

We collect from any location within Dorset and Poole and from any location within your property. Whether it is a bedroom or the garden that has the issue, we will deal with it in the same way, no preparation required.

Clear my garden rubbish

All our waste is ethically dealt with. The rubbish we remove is sent to various collecting depots, including those for recycling and reusing.

Our team of domestic house clearers are well-versed in all aspects of the job and will handle all heavy lifting, disassembly and packing.

Cost for clearing a house in Dorset

Prices vary depending on the amount of waste and size needed to transport the waste collected from your domestic property. Factors include, the number of vehicles needed, the number of staff and recycling/disposal involved.

One aspect of house clearing in the Dorset area is that we can pass on the resale value of items cleared if valuable. This will save you money as we can directly deduct that from the price of the job.

Environment is always factored in

It is somewhat of a paradox that we do not believe in waste, that's because where we can, with books, electricals, clothing and appliances, we recycle or donate. All working items are evaluated for value before being placed. This isn't limited to electricals, last year we recycled over 100 tonnes of plastic, paper and metal.

Sensitive Clearing Needs

When a relative or loved one passes away, often the last thing we wish to deal with is clearing and cleaning their possessions and home. The funeral and bereavement process can be too much for the average person, factor in this added responsibility of clearing and cleaning and the stress increases.

Our friendly team can help with all these issues, and be at your property on a desired day and at a desired time, to tackle your relatives house clearance.

The team are highly experienced within this area and will check for valuable items while clearing, under your direction of course, no sentimental or personal items will be sold without your approval. This revenue is helpful for items you do not want as can offset the price of the house clearance.

Additional Information

We offer the full range of house clearing services in and around Dorset and Poole.

Services Available

  • Garden tidy, sweeping and cutting back items
  • House cleaning and deep clean
  • House dressing when your property is on the market
  • Document destruction, dispose of sensitive information securely
  • Vehicle removal, old vehicles or bikes safely removed

All our services allow you to deal with our friendly and flexible team for everything under one roof, rather than multiple contractors for each one. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote on your house clearing and cleaning.

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